Interview with Forbo Flooring


What is your role at Forbo Flooring?

I am the head of technical operations for North America and Central America.  I handle education and training for the various outlets that come in contact with our product in the field: foreign dealers that sell the product, installers that are fitting the product and anyone involved with floor care and maintenance. I'm responsible for the training of our own salespeople, internal staff and technical reps and I also sit on the global technical committee for Forbo.


A Word With….

Patty Edwards

Mondelez International

National Training Manager


Bio Box:


Interview with Patty Edwards from Mondelēz


DSCAPE:    Thank you very much, Patty for joining me today for this interview.  Your depth of knowledge and experience as someone responsible for employee training and development at a major multinational will be valuable for people to hear.  Let’s start with the basics:  What is your official title at Mondelēz?


PATTY:    My official title is National Training Manager.


DSCAPE:    What does that entail?


Why mLearning is Easier Said than Done

Why mLearning is Easier Said than Done. eLearning, design, devices, mobility, learning, technology, LMS, learning management system, browser, iOS, Android, HTML5, interactivity, planning, analysis, clients, multi-tiered deployment, tech, mLearning


Mobile learning is all the rage.  Everybody wants to talk about it.  Every LMS says they rock it.  But how many companies have mastered it so far?  Not many.  Why?


Devices:  Which ones are your learners using?  Does your company provide them?  Do you need to support a range of devices and versions?   It matters.  Because HTML5 isn’t a single unified standard.  A current Mobile Safari browser on an iOS device delivers a different experience than your two-year-old Android users will get.