Suit Up for Sales


Selling is a contact sport.  First, your sales and marketing teams need to be integrated in real time.  If your field sales people don’t have the latest promotions, don’t know how to use them or don’t know how your products solve your customers’ challenges, you’re missing opportunities. And your technology needs to keep up too.


It often seems that apps or mobile sales tools that really work are phantoms.  In theory, technology could help boost your sales and support your field staff, but getting from here to there is fraught with confusion and fear.  Confusion over what to do and how to start—and fear that any tool may break the budget and then not work.


As with everything else, it all depends on who’s doing your planning and your development.  Creating and deploying a profitable sales app for your company is not rocket science, nor does it need to cost a fortune.  In fact, a simple app that gathers your sales and marketing materials in one centrally accessible place can be fairly straightforward and it can be completed in a few weeks.


The key is to start with the basics.  Ask what your salespeople need every day.  In fact, you might ask them directly what they could most use.  How can you easily coach them on how and when to use the materials?  And what devices will cover the broadest range of your team’s gear?  


Make a short list and get to simple answers first.  Then find a reputable app developer, ask to see samples, get some references and make it clear that you do not need the deluxe version.  Start with the core, make it work, keep your investment under control and get it out there—then get feedback to determine how to refine it.  That way, if it works you’re a hero and onto V2. If not, try again.